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Growing up in God's Little Acre

Tribute to my family and life with failing memory and health

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My memory is you will note, the font is different on this page...can't remember what I used on previous pages. GRRR

My Sister, Mirt, and her hubby

My youngest sister, Babs, and her hubby

Shirley and hubby, Farris
Out 50th class reunion pic

This page is a tribute to my family and friends and my life in my old years....times are so different now as the young people are quick to tell you.  As a matter of fact I just read the article below (author unknown), which I know you old timers will enjoy.

Youth says when describing generation differences "You grew up in a different, actually almost primitive world. We young people today grew up with TV, jet planes, space travel, man walking on the moon, our spaceships have visited Mars. We even have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars, computers with light t speed processing...and uh.." 

 Taking advantage of the pause the old timer said "You're right son.  We didn't have those things when we were young so we invented them, you arrogrant little dodo head!!! Now...what are you doing for the next generation?"

Now let me tell you about my siblings in our adult years.  We are all in our 60s and 70s now.  There have been no deaths as of now 2006. UPDATE:  All in 80+ years and death of Mom and sister, EVE.

First I would like to tell you about my sister Myrtle.  Myrtle is the best cook in the have not eaten a home cooked meal untill you eat Mirt's cooking.  Not only is she a good cook but a perfect hostess.  Her table is sooo pretty and she makes you feel so welcome.  She seems to be the monarch of the family cus if there's an emergency...who do we call????  Mirt.  She taught me to croche (sp) but she could never teach me to cook except for biscuits....I hate cooking.  She gave me a cook book that she made that I refer to lots but most times I call her when cooking.  Thanks Mirt for always being there...I love you. 

Evelyn (sister) was and is always there for me....she sure could blackmail me...she listens to all my problems with so much love and nonjudgemental.  She has been the care giver of the family.  She does all the sitting with the sick including the home care Mom needed.  Lord have mercy I don't know what would happen to Mom if it hadn't been for Eve...she is so good with the sick.  She sure has been there for me...thanks Eve.  I love you sooo much.

Edward (brother) is alone now....he's my fishing buddy.    No one knows the woods and creeks like Ed.  He has always had love of nature.  He can be very funny...I love it when he makes me laugh.  He was so devoted to us as kids...thanks Ed.  Ed cooked for us kids growing up...we had so many stews and only GOD knows what was in them.  He was and is a good cook.  Wonder what happend to me with the cooking skills...I sure didn't learn. Love you Ed.

I think I told you about my sister Barbara, (Pet Skinny).  Babs and I went through high school together but she will be very quick to tell you that she was the younger sister.  Barbara still loves decorating her looks like a house right out of a magazine.  I wish you could see it...there is not a speck of dust...she loves cleaning.  I didn't get that trait either.  Such a waste of time when you could be working in the yards. hehe She use to use the peddle on the sewing machine pretending to play the piano...she always wanted to play the piano and now she plays and has become very good.  Babs is still working so I don't see much of her these days but I still love and miss her. UPDATE  Babs no longer works.  She lost her husband 2014.  So sorry, Babs cus we all loved him so much.

I also want to write about being united with my extended family....such a beautiful story but not enough space to tell the complete story. 

Many years after my biological Father died, we were blessed in getting to know our extended family....Dad's children by his second marriage.   It is amazing how much I have in common with my extended family.  Dad sure spread his genes but I don't think that's the "RIGHT WORD".  hehe  He had 5 kids by each wife...a total of 10 children...I think that's right but not sure.  I have become very close with my half brothers Jerry and Danny.  Shortly after getting to know them my half sister (Linda), died....soooo sad.  I am close to her daughter (Ticha).  We share flowers and emails.  We could share so much more if we lived closer.

Now to bring you up to date on my life.  I retired and remarried in the same year at age 63.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT.... talking about adjustment!!!!!

I think I told you that I went to work in the HR department at the same textile plant that my Mom worked at (Seminole) for 20 years until it closed down.  After leaving textiles I went to work in HR at a cookie fear of shutting down cus people will always drink liquor and eat I thought.  You might know that the Adkins diet came alone and changed the part about eating cookies, however the plant survived and I worked there until retirement.  

Even in my old years I still walk three miles most every morning before going to fix breakfast for Mom.  I just love being retired...drinking coffee, reading the paper, and watching the horny birds while sitting on my deck. <grin> Gardening and fishing is a big part of my new life but I think I already said that.  UPDATE:  No longer able to walk three good to walk 1/2.  Of course no longer fix Mom's sad.  I miss those days and you Mom.

My mind keeps wondering back to the past and in some ways my life is parallel to Mom's life. We worked at the same place, we both remarried in our 60s, retired at age 63 and neither of our second husbands ever had children.  Anyway I just hope I follow in her footsteps and live to be a healthy 98 year old.

My siblings and all our beautiful children still live in a wad, except for a couple of the nephews, therefore we are still very close.  LORD I don't know what I would do without my family....I love and owe them sooo much.  They have always been there for me and hopefully me for them.

My second marriage is a mature love.  He is not only my hubby but my best friend.  We fish, shop, garden and eat out a LOT together.  My hubby was a high school class mate.  He had never been married and I had been single for 35 years so it was an adjustment for both of us.  In high school, I always thought he was so handsome and I think he still is....check out his pic below.  He says he traveled around the world and managed to stay single until coming back home and running into me.  I am so happy to have him to share my Golden years with, however they are NOT golden. Golden years are another chapter within it's self. 

No one can prepare you for the years of old age.  Did you know that everything changes even your shoe size ????....well, it does.  I was also so shocked at how the skin dries up and seems to fall from the bone...flab.  How swollen your eyes get (try putting mascara on those eye lashes with swollen puffy eyes lids), the WEIGHT gain not to mention the eye sight and bone loss.  It's not just the body that's gone----but the mind goes too.  Shoot, you can read the same book over and over cus you can't remember the ending...memory loss. Speaking of bone loss, I was only 5' tall to begin with so with the bone loss, I am now, truly a stump (nick name).  Oh, I forgot to tell you about the, not boobs...teeth.  I need to add another page about OLD AGE. Shoot, everything now wants a part of your body but men..... I don't blame them for wanting young women.  There's old age spots, wrinkles, warts and moles. Yuck  What a way to end this chapter.....sorry but that's the way it is.

I sure hope I can enter my final page....the brain and fingers don't seem to want to work together now.....we'll see!!! 


Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body....but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming.............



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50th class reunion
Earlene, Mary Ann, Martha, Shirley, Toby and Jouette

25th Class Reunion

Farris while in the navy

Didn't I tell you Farris was good looking
High School 1950s

Farris' Graduation

40th Reunion I think
Jouette Davis, Toby Harrison, Earlene Hammond, Martha Spivey and Shirley Franklin

25th Class Reunion.
Earlene Hammond, Martha Spivey and Shirley Franklin

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