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Growing up in God's Little Acre

My Marriage and babies

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The days at home with Jimmy and my babies were the best years of my life but I was too young to realize it.  I was a child having a child.  As a matter of fact I had two babies while still in my teens.  Being so young probably accounted for our failed marriage.  As Mrs. Arthur, (Jimmy's Mom), would always say "What a shame youth is wasted on the young."

Jimmy, Shirley, Neal and Mike
I owe so much of what I am today to Jimmy...such a good husband and daddy

Neal and Mike Arthur - May 2006
Neal and Mike at Neal's wedding

Neal, Amanda and Ashley

Mike and Laura Arthur

Mike and Laura's children
My beautiful grandchildren

Two weeks after high school I was married....a mistake cus I was still in my teens and way to young to marry.  However I got married but not to my high school sweetheart but to Jimmy the best husband and father in the world.  We were so young and innocent when getting married…I wish I could tell you just how innocent. 

When we married Jimmy worked at Clearwater Finishing Plant drove a studabaker (sp). He later went to work at Owens Corning.   I was so blessed that Jimmy didn't want me to work and I could be home with my babies.  Back in those days, families shared things they no longer such thing as yard sales.  It was so unlike today's generation, starting out with everything. My family helped set us up with things we needed that they no longer needed.

In the early years I didn't have a washing machine and had to go to the laundry mat to wash clothes and disposeable diapers back then.  My first washing machine was one that had a wringer at the spin cycle.

We rented a house in Warrenville on Howlandville Rd in the early years of our marriage.  Neal was born while living there.  We later bought a very small house on Legion Dr. in Warrenville in Aiken County. We were living there when Mike was born.  We moved to Clearwater in 1963 when Neal was five and Mike was three. 

I had two beautiful babies...both sons. My first born was Neal...Neal weighed 7lbs 12 oz.  I remember seeing him for the first time and thinking how blessed I was.   I was not only young but so inexperienced, especially about babies. My sister-in-law (Frances-a true saint) brought me to her house to help me with my new baby....good thing for Neal and me.  Frances was such a lovely person...she is now deceased and I miss her so much. Their children and mine were like siblings.... I loved her like a sister and love her children (my nieces and nephew) like I love my own children.

Neal had colic and cried so much I thought I would never have another baby.  That thought didn't last long cus he, with his black curly hair , big brown eyes and long eye lashes, brought us so much happiness and love.   Neal was the only member of the Arthur family with brown eyes at that time.  Neal has grown into be a handsome, intelligent and successful man.  He has two beautiful girls. 

After Neal was two and a half years of age we planned our second child (Mike).  Mike was such a good baby.  He weighed 9 lbs and 10 oz.  Mike was not only a pretty baby but also a happy-good baby.  He had blond curly hair with blue eyes.  He would smile at any glance at him...such a sweet happy baby.  In his teen years he was not only witty but very active in sports.  He was a fourth degree black belt in Karate.  He too, grew into a very handsome, intellegent and successful man.  I am so proud of Mike...he is so thoughtful and kind.   Mike has a lovely wife named Laura and they have four beautiful children. They are Nana's heart.

Oh, how I loved my little boys. When  introducing them, my heart would swell with pride. That was the way it was then and the way it is today.  I thank GOD for blessing me with them. The memories sometime over whelm me to tears, especially when I see pics of them, with their home made infant clothes and home baked birthday cakes. 

I was a good mother cus my sons were my life....I loved them sooooo much then and now.  I wish this web site had room to tell you all the funny sayings and experiences I shared with my them.   Maybe I will make another web site and dedicate it to my sons.

Even though money was tight there were so many good, birthdays, holidays and just being together as a family.   I wish I could have another chance at my youth and marriage.  Jimmy and I were too young when marrying but remained married for 15 years. 

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Mike born 2-25-1960
Mike was always a sleepy head

Neal and Mike with Santa
All the years of belief


Check out Mike's dimples

Neal with q-tips and dad's shoes

Neal born 5-19-57
Always bright eyed and fought sleep

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