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Growing up in God's Little Acre

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Updating 2015  This has been written so my children/grandchildren will have a look into my life.

Gosh, I have been around so long and my life is full of memories...good and bad... that I don't know where to start. I have a very blessed life, in which I thank GOD daily

I am a US citizen, born and reared in a small southern textile town known as "Horse Creek Valley" aka  "God's Little Acre". 
Being the fourth daughter of five children even the hand me downs were sure enough "hand me downs". Having to share sleeping quarters with siblings made us a very close and sharing family.  My Mom is 97years old and a beautiful 97 year old.  Update: Mom passed away in 2013 at the age of 98 two weeks short of her 99th birthdate.  I miss my Mom sooo much.  Besides my husband I have two sons, one daughter in law and six grandchildren, three sisters and one brother. UPDATE Sister, Evelyn, passed away in 2012.  Loved her so much.

Most of my days are either in the flower beds, or decorating and remodeling my house.  I spend most evenings on the computer learning or playing while my hubby pocesses the remote. 

I am a charter member of our local Church and a Charter member of the Red Hat Club. I am also an inactive member of the VFW (Ladies Auxiliary).

I like mystery movies but do not watch much TV UPDATE(since writing that statement I watch more and more TV-bordom).   If and when I do it's mostly news channels, sports and mystery.
As for sports,  I enjoy watching golf only during the Masters and enjoy watching the world series and super bowl. I also watch most all University of SC football games and some of Clemson's. UpDate:  Have one G-daughter graduated from UGA and have another G-daughter going to Clemson.  One G-daughter graduated from Sag(can't think of the name) in Savannah Ga.

I can not begin to say which food is my favorite, however to look at me you can tell I like any pasta dish.  I also like seafood dishes.  I do not like to cook, but I collect cookbooks... just in case. <grin>

See, I knew I would forget something very dear to dogs.  We have three but Prissy is the Queen of the house...she is soooo Prissy. We also have Bubba and Sissy...yard dogs but very special also. UPDATE:  All our fur babies have now gone to doggie heaven.  So lost without them cus we had the for 15 years.

I have no idea why I wrote the above profile....Shoot, no one cares...not even me???

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Mom with her five children

Ed, Mirt, Mom, Babs, Eve, and Shirley

Our Three Room Shotgun House