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Growing up in God's Little Acre

High School Years

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Three Witches from Mac Beth
Shirley Franklin, Jouette Davis and Martha Spivey

Earlene, Martha and Shirley
Last time LBC played Graniteville

I really didn't mean for this site to be about me but about history as I remember it, however most of my memories are about me and I am history.  Soooooo boring. .

In my teen years I had to ride a school bus to high school was in the next little town up the road. There were six of us friends that were inseparable.  There was Earline Hammond, Martha Spivey, Toby Harrison, Mary Carter  Jouette Davis and myself.  I will tell you more about Toby when this web site will let me back in. GRRR As of this date we are all still living and still friends. 

We, friends, were assigned the part of the three witches from McBeth and got stuck with that title (the three witches).  In our senior year we all were voted a superlative….I was voted “Best All Around”....I hope that wasn't due to my size. hehe  We were also cheerleaders and active in various clubs including the Beta club. I was 10th in scholastic standing at graduation in 1956.   My high school friends and I still stay in touch.  Most of them are widowed and/or remarried except Mary Ann.  Let me tell you about Mary Ann.  She is the most lovable girl you will ever meet. Mary Ann and Don have been married for many, many years now (60 + years) refreshing to know that some marriages are really made in heaven and really do last.UPDATE Mary Ann's husband passed away this month (August 2015).  Mary Ann and I are alike in many ways. We love flowers and home docor and neither of us like cooking....what a waste of time.  One big difference is she stayed slim and I didn't.

Earlene was not only my high school buddy but one of my best friends then and now.  We  grew up together on Church St in Clearwater.  As a matter of fact she lived just a couple of houses from me so we have been friends for so many, many years.  Earlene always had such natural beauty...she doesn't even need make up.  I was so jealous of her long legs and tall statue.  Not only is she pretty, but she is sooooo smart.  I remember when we took the I.O. class....we were the only females in the class.  Earlene and I graduated with 21 units...we took a lot of extra subjects like Industrial Occupation (I think that was the name).  Mr. O'Connell let us read a book on nursing.  A lot of good that did cus I can't even apply a band aid but the class gave two units and that's all we cared about.Earlene says I saved her life pay up Earlene. hehe Earlene is now widowed with two daughters and a grandson that is the love of her life.  

I see Martha in General Freight commericals.  WOW!!! who would ever have thought of her as being so industrial and sucessful ,however sucess did not change her at all...she is the same sweet Martha that was/is my dear friend forever.  Martha was so witty in high school and still is...she has never lost her sense of humor.  Age sure has agreed with her...WOW!! she looks sooo good now.  Martha's long marriage to Ralph ended with his death a few years ago....soooo sad.

Jouette and I also grew up together in Clearwater so we, too have a long, long friendship.  Jo and I took Junior Life Saving together.  We practically lived at Clearwater pond most summers.  Jo has always been soooo pretty and thin.    Jouette is now remarried.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, Charles lucky she is to have a second chance at love with her high school sweetheart. 

One of the highlights of our high school years was the senior trip was to Washington DC.  Below you can see some of the pics from those days so many years ago.

Another memory of high school is taking our lunch money and going to the Miller theatre to see movies...we played hookey.  We worked in the lunch room so we got free lunches therefore spending the lunch money when playing hookey.  I remember all the Augusta girls would be there puffing cigarettes and we thought that was sooo cool so we bumed some cigarettes and tried smoking.  We almost choked to death.  I don't think any of us girls ever smoked...neither did we ever drink alcohol. 

Speaking of playing hookey, I remember Martha, James Barron, Buck Wilson (my high school sweetheart) and myself played hookey once and had no where to go cus we couldn't risk being seen.  We rode and rode and rode.  We thought that day would never end.  The principle thought it unusual that we all were out on the same day so we were called into the office....we never did that again.

Only one of our friends (Jouette) had a car, bless her heart, she was always the driver.  Without her we were grounded except for the bus rides the cheerleaders got to the ball games.  Cheerleaders got to ride with the football players...that was fun.....sweat and all.

The kids of today would say it must have been so boring.....not so, we had a wonderful life full of clean fun and laughs.

I wish Jouette were here to proof read this web site the way she did in high school.  I couldn't spell then and I sure can't please, overlook the errors.  Some of that stems from talking "SOUTHERN".  I kill the English language. 

Oh, we did have another dear friend with a car that would drive us to the beach and even took us to Miami once....his name was Milton Redd.  Milton was so good to us...I hope he is alive and well.  We were true sun worshipers...we would bake our bodies in the sun.

So many high school memories.   Oh, to be in love again like those days when I was a cheerleader and my boyfriend, Buck, was the captain of the football team (see pics below).  You never EVER forget your first love and always wish and wonder “what if”.  I think you will always wish to relive those days when your heart skipped a beat just seeing each other.  All those days are just a memory now and life goes on. 

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L. B. C. High School
New School was Midland Valley High

Buck Wilson
1956 football captain

LBC Senior Prom
Shirley Franklin and Buck Wilson

Senior Trip to Washington DC
Martha Spivey, Jouette Davis and Shirley Franklin

Washington DC
LBC Class of '56

Washington DC
Other half of LBC Class of '56

Martha Spivey and James Barron