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Growing up in God's Little Acre

UPDATE 20013

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Update is one I wish I could skip....2012 and 2013 were not kind years. 

Since I wrote the previous pages, I have had so many health and death changes.
I will start with the death of my precious sister, Eve, in July 2012.  Such a sad time
cause she was my heart.  I miss her more than words can tell you. She was my go to sister.  She listened nonjudgmental.  Having said that she could have blackmailed me cause there was nothing I didn't tell her. She had such a big heart.  I love you Eve and will never forget you.  I pray that you are my guardian angel and keeping me out of might have to ask GOD for help cause I don't seem to be doing too good with that. LOL   Rest in peace and please know how much I love and miss you.
Well, I got the horse before the cart.  First it was Jerry, my half brother, that died in June of 2012 I think.  I dearly loved Jerry even tho he didn't come into my life till late.  Jerry was one of Dad's 4 or 5 children by his second wife so we didn't know them till late years of our adult life.  Jerry and I were single at the same time and he would come down from Atlanta and stay with me....mostly looking for a wife. LOL  Shoot I wasn't much help cus I couldn't find a husband let alone find him a wife. LOL  Well, we both got remarried and still remained buddies even tho we didn't see each other as much.  Jerry would guide me with all repairs on the house and car...he was so intelligent and knew how to fix everything.  I miss him so much and still shed tears thinking of him.  Rest in peace, Jerry and always know how much I love you, Bro.
So in June of 2012 our beloved dog of 15 years, Bubba, had to be put down.  Bubba brought us so much happiness but more so for Farris than me...they dearly loved each other.  He was solid white with green eyes...such a beautiful dog.
Bubba had a twin sister solid black.  Her name was Sissy and she died one month after Bubba's death at 15 years old.  Sissy was a wild child (dog).  She left home for 11 days and kept us up many nights scared of storms, fireworks, or any loud noise.  Poor baby she had to put up with Bubba but when she got enough she could beat him up and did so many times.  We love and miss both so much but we still have Prissy who is 14 now...2013.
Next comes Farris' back surgery in 10/18/12. Due to the nerve damage he has permanent damages...a dropped foot that requires him wearing a leg/foot brace. 
Some where in between all these dates I had kidney stone surgery twice.  Even tho our bodies are falling apart we are still so blessed.
Now comes the hurt like no other hurt I have ever had in my life.  Two weeks before Mom's 99th birthday she passed away March 27, 2013.  My Mom was like my baby.  I always worried about her well being and I miss that need to be needed by her so much.  She lived alone in our three room house till age 95.  Mom sacrificed so much for us kids and there was nothing we could do to repay all she did for us. She was still beautiful and was never bed ridden.  Even tho she was in a nursing home she was sitting at the nurse's station waving as we approached the hall.  At death she laid down and went to sleep with Babs, Mirt, and me at her side.  Rest in peace my sleeping beauty.  I love and miss you sooooo much.
The week Mom was buried Farris' sister died.  Jeanine was such a beautiful lady.  She too was in a nursing home before death.  Rest in peace Jeanine.
So today is May 23, 2013 and I'm hoping there will be no need to update for many years.  Signing off for now with prayers for all my friends and family.  

UPDATE:  Our fur baby Prissy passed away 2014 at 15 years old.  She was so dear to us.  Rest in peace Prissy.

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